Lizzy Bell – Figure Show

Figure Show

You’ve got a bangin’ figure!
“Thanks! I played a lot of sports in high school so I think that helped to tone my assets. I also run and do yoga to make sure I remain lovely and taut and keep my figure.”

Do you like to dress remarkable to show off your assets?
“Usually I’m a casual kind of girl who just loves to wear denim and a tank top. But if I’m going to a club or a party, I know how to dress to impress. My staple slutty outfits are teeny, taut skirts and midriff shirts. Gotta show off the gams and stomach! I know some of my feminist girlfriends would kill me for saying this, but I enjoy it when fellows look at me like wolves who want to absorb me. That’s why I dress handsome! That perverted stuff turns me on so much. It’s adorable and all when a boy is respectful, but from time to time you just want an brutal stud to say some muddy shit in your ear about how bad he wants you.”

Do you always wear panties with your stunning outfits?
“I usually do, but there was a time or two that I didn’t. I guess it made me super wild because I finished up getting frigged by some guy on the dance floor of a crowded club. I was wearing a skirt with no panties, and we were bumping and grinding on each other. We embarked smooching, and then he slid his palm up my skirt and began massaging my vulva. It was so super hot and scandalous!”

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